About aiTANK

"World’s First Artificial Intelligent Water Level Management System"

As the name of the product specifies, aiTANK is not only automatic and also intelligent system with dynamic decision making capabilities.

aiTANK keep monitoring water level in the overhead tank & sump and also senses different other parameters and conditions such as Dry-run, High/Low voltages to control motor.

aiTANK always maintains water level Full in the tank.

aiTANK Features

Power Saving

aiTANK helps in Power saving and reduction in Electricity bill

Time Saving

Manual intervention is not required. Saves good amount of user time and provides peace of mind


Reliably work with any kinds of water such as Hard water, Salt water, Mud water and etc

Maintenance Free

aiTANK is 100% Maintenance free system


aiTANK will not get affected by Corrosion, Rust, Fungus, Dirt and Mud

Motor Life

Protects Motor from High Voltage and Low Voltage, thus increasing lifetime of motor

And more...

  • Patented
    • * Unique and patented technology
    • * Technically superior product design
  • Always Full
    • * aiTANK always maintains water level full in the tank
  • Shock Proof
    • * Galvanic isolation and no risk of electric shock
  • Warranty
    • * 1 Year warranty
  • Dry-run detection and protection
  • Assured “No Down Time”
  • Avoids salt clogging
  • Avoids air locking
  • Trickle pumping
  • Compact and Elegant design
  • aiTANK will be fixed to your existing infrastructure without any modification

aiTANK Capabilities

Supports Wide Variety of Motors

  • Jet Motor
  • Compressor Motor
  • Monoblock Motor
  • Submersible Motor
  • 3-Phase Motors
  • Horse Power: 1/4HP to 15HP

Supported Tank Types

  • Concrete overhead tank
  • Plastic overhead tank
  • Sump/underground tank
  • Volume: Few Hundred to Few Lakh Litres

Where can aiTANK be installed?


  • Apartments
  • Independent Homes/Villas


  • Shops/Shopping Malls
  • Office Premises
  • Hotels
  • Colleges
  • Hospitals etc.


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Chemical processing Industries
  • Dairy Farms
  • Large Scale Water Distribution System (ex. Municipality and City water distribution system)


  • iTANK can be used for an innumerable number of applications.

    We provide customized solutions designed and developed out of iTANK to meet specific industrial requirements. Our solutions include Liquid Level Measurement, Monitoring & Control in Harsh Environments

  • iTANK will measure, control and automate distribution