1. aiTANK always maintains water level "Full" in the tank
2. Absolutely No Manual intervention required
3. Saves good amount of user time and provides peace of mind
4. aiTANK helps in power saving and reduction in Electricity bill
aiTANK is 100% maintenance free system
Absolutely no user intervention is required. LED indications are only provided to inform the user about the system status
Thanks for showing interest in our product. Please see our product table
Please reach us through Phone: +91 8925 22 33 66 or e-mail to sales@itank.com.
We will fix an appointment for the iCARE team to visit your home and recommend a suitable aiTANK variant.
1. This system will save power consumption of motor
2. Saving in power results in saving money. You will easily recover the product cost
3. Saving water contributes to environmental preservation
4. Saves your time and provides you with peace of mind
1. aiTANK is the world's first Artificial Intelligent Water Level Management System
2. As the name of the product specifies, aiTANK is not only automatic but also an intelligent system with dynamic decision making capabilities
3. Unique and Patented technology
4. aiTANK is a highly reliable system, designed to work for longer years
5. aiTANK comes with 1 Year of warranty
6. Lifetime support
7. Reliably works with any kinds of water such as Hard water, Salt water, Muddy water etc.